Kelley C. August 18, 2012 5 Being There Pet Care12 Year Client - The Best Pet Sitter Ever!
I have used Being There Pet Care to take care of my dogs for 12 years as I must travel frequently for my work. The owner is a true pet lover, and takes care of my dogs the way I would take care of them if I could be home. She is reliable, conscientious, and honestly the best pet sitter you could ever ask for. She not only feeds and checks on the dogs and the house while she is there, but she takes extra time to make sure the dogs get some warm, loving human attention. My dogs are completely in love with her! She has never once left a mess of any kind anywhere - - in fact my kitchen sink is usually cleaner when I get home than it was when I left it. I would highly recommend Being There Pet Care. My experience has been nothing but positive!

Kristine M. August 18, 2012 5 Being There Pet Care Boudreau and Bentley say use Being There Pet Care
My husband and I have used Being There Pet Care since moving to Castle Rock 5 years ago and our experience has ALWAYS been positive.
Our two Westies LOVE Debbie. They go nuts when they see her - even if it has been an extended period of time since we have used her services. She plays endlessly with them when she is here - we know because they expect us to do the same after we get home!
She has always been dependable, responsible, and attentive to their needs. In addition, she is excellent about keeping in touch and letting us know how our "boys" are doing. We never worry when Debbie is on the job.
I don't know who the negative reviewer is talking about because it certainly hasn't been our experience with Being There Pet Care at all.

May 4, 
Debbie has been a God-send for us and our 2 dogs, Gunnar and Bill. Both of our boys LOVE Debbie and she is so incredibly good with them. I am so happy with her care and attention to our babies. Not only is Debbie a reliable dog-walker/sitter, she performs Reiki on them and they absolutely adore the attention ~ I'm so impressed with Debbie's awareness of the dogs' health and well-being and I have been very grateful for her references for a veterinarian and other health care. I can go to work everyday in Colorado Springs, 40 miles away from home, and know that the dogs are loved and taken care of. What peace of mind! Thank you Debbie, for all you do for my 2 sweethearts and all you do for so many other animals in the area ~ you are very special to us and I highly recommend Debbie to ANYONE! Marianne Blackwell

Being There Pet Care



May 3, 2015
There is very little more important in my life than my pets. Also important is my interest in travel. I simply couldn't have both in my life without Debbie Josephs and Being There Pet Care. She has brought love and intelligent management to my homes, dogs, pet birds, wild birds, yard, house plants and more for almost 30 years! There has never been a person outside of my family that my dogs love more. She is so reliable and caring that my travels are immensely better because I don't have to worry about things at home. I recommend her without hesitation - she can do it all! - CM

Steph, Bill & Charly

Debbie is the best pet sitter we have ever had! She is very knowledgeable, caring and flexible. On one visit - she even went to the pet store to buy food for our cat Charly who had run out. She is much more than a pet sitter - she is a caretaker and treats Charly like her family. We can travel with peace of mind knowing Debbie is watching out for Charly and our home. We HIGHLY recommend. 


James H. August 19, 2012 5 Being There Pet Care You will not find a better pet sitter. ★★★★★
We agree with Marie 100%. Since we relocated from CO, we have not been able to find a pet sitter who meets the quality and caring service that comes from Being There Pet Care. From our first interaction, she always provides the best service, caring empathy and effort to ensure we, as pet owners, never worry about what is happening to our pets. She also recognizes the needs of the owners, providing still shots of our pets that we could never get, maintains a history on each pet with photos (current ones that owners frequently forget to maintain), cookies on our return from long motorcycle trips, and calls to check on a sick pet when she wasn't even "on duty" to care for any of them. We have multiple large dogs and her care and concern are unequaled in the pet sitting world. If only she could be cloned to Kentucky, life would be so much easier when we travel. If you are looking for a reliable, honest, caring pet sitter, you will not find one better than Being There Pet Care. If you care about your pets while you are away, call this pet sitter.
As a pet owner, you also have a responsibility to provide clear guidance to your sitter on your expectations. This sitter spends the time to go over your requirements. If you did not take advantage of that time to clarify how you want your pets cared for and the rules of the pet home, anything that goes wrong is your fault. We ALWAYS provide a reminder list to all sitters on what our guidelines are. Being There Pet Care actually trained us to know what to tell sitters as none after them provides any of the time and planning that this pet sitter provides.



​Amos and Andy

Bill's Amazing Rescue.

Boudreau and Bentley

Janet Kaufman
Debbie is the most wonderful pet sitter. I have used her services for over 25 years and would not consider anyone else to care for my beautiful cats. I travel often and never worry about my pets or my house while in her care.