Kenai, Katy, Me and Buddy

Nera and Lambo



Being There Pet Care

We have been using Debbie and Being There Pet Care for as long as I can remember, my guess is 18 years or so at least.........during that time, Debbie has taken care of our pets several times each year during our vacations and trips. We have had up to 3 dogs and 2 cats at a time and all of our pets have recieved simply the best in care from Debbie! I would trust no one else to care for them and watch over our property when we are gone.........She visits our home at least daily, and spends tons of time with our pets, giving them treats, playing with them, caring for them, administering medications if needed etc, and giving them loving! I believe that she becomes very attached to them and they to her........She simply loves our pets, and of course everyone's pets, and there is simply no one whom we would trust more to watch them for us!.........She is a true animal lover, provides a great service, is trustworthy, and we recommend her highly!!!! Kevin and Sue Duncan

Comet, Hero and Eddie

​I don’t even know where to begin to tell you how amazing Debbie has been as our pet sitter for nearly 15 years.

When we first moved to Castle Rock, I saw her “Being There Pet Care” car in the King Soopers parking lot and that is when her love affair with Kenai, our first-born canine began.  One year later, we brought Katy into our family and five years later our beloved foster, Buddy, also joined the clan. The three of them throw a party every time Debbie comes over.  My husband bemoaned that Kenai would give endless kisses to Debbie when he had to beg to just get one!! She has loved them, cared for them, taken them to vet visits, visited them in the doggie ER when we came close to losing two of them, did Reiki on them and has loved them with all the care and concern as if they were her own.  I can’t say enough about how wonderful, reliable and kind she is to them. And best of all, she has become a good friend as well. So we all won with this relationship!! KB


Sally Higgins
2 years ago
We agree with Marie 100%. Since we relocated from CO, we have not been able to find a pet sitter who meets the quality and caring service that comes from Being There Pet Care. From our first interaction, she always provides the best service, caring empathy and effort to ensure we, as pet owners, never worry about what is happening to our pets. She also recognizes the needs of the owners, providing still shots of our pets that we could never get, maintains a history on each pet with photos (current ones that owners frequently forget to maintain), cookies on our return from long motorcycle trips, and calls to check on a sick pet when she wasn't even "on duty" to care for any of them. We have multiple large dogs and her care and concern are unequaled in the pet sitting world. If only she could be cloned to Kentucky, life would be so much easier when we travel. If you are looking for a reliable, honest, caring pet sitter, you will not find one better than Being There Pet Care. If you care about your pets while you are away, call this pet sitter.

Scott T
in the last week
If you want a Sitter that cares more about your pets and home then you do, you really should call Being There Pet Care! I have known Debbie, the owner of Being There Pet Care for years and know that there simply is no one that will care more about your pets then her. She is emotionally attached to all animals. Your pet(s) will instantly become a part of her pet family. During the nearly 25 years that she has been in business, she has taken care of hundreds of animals and loves every single one of them. When we are away from home, we have no worries and can enjoy our time away, because we know that Debbie is there taking good care of our home and caring for our pets. During her extended visits, she spends quality time playing and communicating with, and petting and loving your pets. Many times, when we get back home, we'll find a nice note that she left about her visit. If you are looking for the best Pet/Home Sitter, who is caring, loving, reliable, and trustworthy - do not hesitate to call Debbie at Being There Pet Care!

I've been using Debbie for close to ten years. She is always considerate of my pets, on-time, and a super nice person to boot. :) I would recommend her for anything and consider her a good friend.
Dave Sheridan