​​​I have always loved animals. 

When I was little and my parents watched the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, he would have animals brought on the show by Joan Embrey.  As I watched her with the animals I thought, I want to do that someday.

That thought stayed buried in my mind for years.

Growing up our family always had golden retrievers.  They were a part of our family.  They lived inside with us and went on all our family vacations, sneaking them into to every hotel we stayed at.

My dads side of the family lived in southern Illinois, on farms.  Going to visit them was fun.  Great food and a pony to ride, named "Hawkeye".  I even got to feed a baby lamb.

I love horses.  As I got older I learned English riding in Ill.  When I was 12 we moved to Colorado and I learned western riding.  I also tried bring in a stray dog and cat but the answer was "no".  

When I finally lived on my own I went to the Denver Dumb Friends League and got my first cat "Ariel"  She lived to be over 20.  I found my second cat "Keas" in a little pet shop.  She was so tiny.  they said they found her in the trash dumpster in the back.

I got married and we bought our first house and our first dog "Zach".  This Lad-Golden mix was my heart. Everyone has that 1 pet that is truly like a soul mate, Zach was mine.  I couldn't imagine life without him.


I started Being There Pet Carea year after we moved to Castle Rock, Colorado in 1991.  I took jobs everywhere.  Denver to Palmer Lake, Roxborough Park to Elizabeth.  Zach came with me on all my jobs.  He loved visiting other dogs and playing.  Llamas were our favorites. We added a new dog to our family "Nick".  Who we got from the Denver Dumb Friends League too.  Everyone loved Nick.  His face, his heart, pure love. Traveling all over opened a lot of animal experiences.  Clients with elk, horses, cows, pigs, buffalo, ducks, chickens, iguanas, exotic birds and all kinds of cats and dogs.  One beautiful day I was driving through the country side and I thought about how lucky I am to be living in a country where a woman can be free, to have her own business and travel where ever I want.  Right then I realized I was doing my version of what Joan Embrey did on the Tonight Show. 

Perfect way to live life for me

We moved to Elizabeth and had 2 1/2 acres.  I cut down on the area I covered.  I rescued 2 more cats "Kit" and "Cosmo".  While I was pet sitting for a breeder in Elizabeth, I fell in love with a golden retriever puppy all a lone in a pen in the barn.  I decided he would be my perfect "40th" birthday present.  His name was "Murphy".

With that came a divorce  and I found myself moving back to Castle Rock.

A friend of mine found a puppy, black lab mix wandering a trailer park in Kiowa.  I told her I would try to find a home for her.  In 3 days I knew I would not find a home good enough for her.  I named her "Bella".  She is now 13 1/2.   She loved Zach.  As a puppy till she was grown, she would drape over him.  He would just moan and look at me.   The day came when I had to put Zach to sleep and I still cry.  He was the first of many to follow. I looked for another dog to take his place but every dog I looked at would have nothing to do with me..It was so odd.  Then I was in Petsmart one day and there was this dog.  He got so excited to see me.  It was meant to be. His name is "Joey".   He came from All Creatures Count.  He is now 15 1/2.  Two cats came my way by client in Surrey Ridge.  Maggie and her baby Charlie.  Charlie loved Murphy.  He would lay on Murphy's tail and wait for it to wag and go up and down on it.  Very cute.  I rescued a cat on the on ramp to I-25 at Castle Pines.  Scariest rescue I have ever done.   At first I named her "Zoe", but one morning as she was trotting down the hall along side me talking to me about her day I laughed and decided it should be "Gabbie".

Murphy died on Christmas morning in 2008.   Six months after we lost Nick.   All of us were in deep mourning. The house was to quiet.  Still.  I called the breeder I got Murphy from and she told me to come over.  On my way there I cried and begged for this to be easy.  I got there and she put a puppy in my arms and said "this one is like Murphy".   I named him "Sam". ​ I only had Gabbie 5 years.   They said she had heart failure.   She had a patch of white fur on her belly iin the shape of a heart.   I miss her voice everyday.    

My life has always been lived around animals.  They truly are my life's work.

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I am also a member of Wildlands Defense Org.

We are working on saving Prairie Dogs, getting them on the endangered species list and saving the open space in Castle Rock, Colorado.


Nick, the oldest dog in the family, meeting the 2 new puppies in the family, Cody and Sierra


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