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Taking care of your home whether pets are there or not is important.

You want a lived in look when you are away.  I change the lights, bring in the mail and paper, water indoor and outdoor plants, take out and bring in the trash, pick up the dog poop in the yard, shovel snow, run faucets and toilets in the cold months.


Covering the Castle Rock Area Since 1991


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I am a Certified Reiki Master.  I do energy healing on both animals and people.

I also own Bellanima Photography.

Digital Photography of animals and nature.  I am known to take pictures of my clients pets and give as gifts.  I have been told I capture their souls like no other.

I also run errands for my clients.

Take them to and from Doctor appointments.

I take pets to vet appointments or physical therapy.

Helping my clients and Being There for them has always meant the most to me.

Being There Pet Care

I believe all animals do better when they get to stay home in their own environment.  Before I start pet sitting for you, I come over to meet you and your pets.  Take notes on your routines.  Dogs always get fresh food and water.  Walks, play time, I have also taken pets to doggie parks, I brush them if they like that.

I always go outside with them to make sure they do their business and pick up after them.

I also do afternoon visits while clients are at work to let dogs out and walk them. 

I do medications and insulin shots.  Injury wraps.  I bring organic treats and give a lot of hugs and kisses.

I  like animals to be indoor only.  I don't like leaving them outside unsupervised.

Cats are creatures of habit and love everything clean. 

I always give them fresh food and water.  I clean the litter box each visit.

I bring natural treats.  ALL cats just love Bonito Flakes.

I always have a supply of organic catnip on hand.

We Party!

I open window or doors so they can get fresh air.  I hang out on the floor or chair or couch, depending on where they want their attention.

I will brush them and cut out mats if they let me.

I don't want your pets to get lonely.  I want them to know they are loved.

Give medication as needed and also insulin shots.

While I pet sit for cats I keep them inside.  I also come over at least once a day.